“Natural Remedies: Your Vital Tool To Help
You Safely Beat depression!”

When Barely Coping With depression
Is Really Not Enough…


Dear Coping With depression,

There is no “magic pill” to quickly cure depression – but sometimes, if your particular type is diagnosed correctly, and you choose the best treatment specifically for you, good results can occur faster than you might expect.

It doesn’t matter if your depression is like a dull, ever-present toothache… or severe enough to feel like you can’t bear another minute of such pain. You’re reading this because you want to get your life back – and your joy (even if you’ve never had it!)

You want to do something about this terrible disorder. But you’ve barely got the energy to read this page.

And you’re afraid of strong anti-depressants. (In fact, perhaps you’re already on them.)

Now, nobody’s going to tell you to discontinue needed medication… But if that describes you, there are powerful natural remedies you can still safely employ.

And whether you’re reading this page for yourself…

…or someone you deeply care about, and want to help…

I’m here to tell you, you can find your joy (and love for life) again – even if you’ve suffered from depression and sadness your whole life.

Sometimes Even The Most Severe Depression
Is Actually Just A Symptom

The truth is, there are many causes of depression (and that includes many physical causes.)

And many ways our minds and bodies can cruelly trick us. They can even trick some doctors – if they haven’t gathered all the clues and run the right tests. The most important key to curing depression is to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

There are natural remedies that simply aren’t safe – in specific situations – or with certain medications. And just won’t work – if you’re not treating the type of depression you actually have.

You need to quickly absorb the truth about:

blue arrow Which natural remedies never to mix with traditional prescribed anti-depressants – and why

blue arrow 2 common misconceptions about any type of depressive disorder – and the 4 common assumptions too many people make

blue arrow 7 signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and why it’s included in this book

blue arrow The 3 disturbing symptoms that can tip you off to a whole different cause of depression

blue arrow The single most important factor you need to quickly rule out

blue arrow The very unpleasant side effect that doctors sometimes forget to tell you about, if you’re taking this type of medication

blue arrow The 2 seemingly-positive signs you absolutely must not ignore, if you suspect a loved one may be suicidal

blue arrow 14 types of depression – and why there are different “most effective remedies” for each one

blue arrow 3 “rules” which will take away the stress of making decisions – and instead, help make you feel you have no “rules” to try to remember and follow

blue arrow An ironic hidden danger of seeking treatment and being proactive – and why you need to know about it

blue arrow 3 important facts to remember, when attempting – or accepting – any diagnosis

blue arrow The single most important thing you must not do, if you’re serious about beating depression

blue arrowThe secret about your own mind it really doesn’t want you to know – and one tiny word that can defeat it

And believe me, I do know how little energy you have for:

  • Reading solid pages of heavy text
  • Being told you need to “snap out of it” and “just” get over it
  • Making complicated “natural” recipes
  • Shopping for obscure ingredients
  • Any change at all, right now

But the reason you’re still with me – you really hope this time, someone can offer a solution.

Now, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t pretend to know everything there is about depressive disorders and the human body. But through my own life circumstances, and the people I’ve journeyed with through the book I’m about to share, I’ve learned enough to be passionate about doing what I can to help.

I’ve written this book from the “inside”, just for you.

And I’m hoping it will give you real value – and you’ll close it with new hope – armed with easy tips about natural, safe remedies that will help your particular journey the most.

You see, using natural remedies is more than just taking some herbal tincture.

It’s knowing how to reach within (when you’re too tired to reach).

And unexpectedly finding there’s still room for hope.

Where To Find Courage, Strength and Motivation…
When You Have Nothing Left


That’s why I wrote this book “All Natural Depression Fighting Remedies”. Although I don’t know your name, please believe I care deeply about you. Here are just some of the things we can “talk” about, if you open the pages…

checkmark 5 signs of courage that may surprise you – especially when you absolutely have no courage left

checkmark The secret household “friend” that is sure to surprise you (it’s saved more lives than most
people ever know)

checkmark 7 physical causes of depression – and why anti-depressants can make things worse

checkmark How to find spiritual comfort, when your faith seems to have left you – even if you’re cynical and angry at God – and life

checkmark 8 natural ways to help yourself heal from depression – without buying a single natural remedy

checkmark 7 steps of grief – and why you are going to go through them (if loss is involved in your depression)

checkmarkThe single most important thing you must do, to recover from betrayal

checkmark 4 simple essentials of behavior modification that may change your life for the better, more than any other single technique

And we deal with other issues that can affect your physical health and energy – and add to your feelings of
. Things like:

  • not eating
  • not sleeping
  • sleeping too much

– and that well-known side effect of antidepressants…

  • gaining weight you just don’t have the energy to lose.

(Besides, they told you it’s caused by the anti-depressants, and you can’t do anything about it.)

What To Do When You Either Lose A Lot Of Weight…
Or You Gain More Than Ever Before

You see, there are 4 overwhelming reasons we tend to go for the easy carbs and sugar, when feeling down (or go for no food at all).

And it’s very difficult to change patterns of weight gain or loss, if we don’t actually know – physiologically – what’s going on.

Just finding this out can make you see the futility of beating yourself up for gaining or losing – but what’s more, it can tell you how to stop the cycle.

(Without making you do more work – or follow “diet” plans you can’t even focus on – with food you’ve no energy to prepare!)

This is one time where knowing what’s happening – and a few simple tips – can really be surprisingly effective!

But to add to your good results, I show you just a little bit more…

How To Exercise When You Can’t Move A Step

The truth is, if you’re gaining weight from depression, you’re not “doomed” to put up with it.

And my oh-so-easy exercise tips aren’t like exercise at all!

(And I promise you, I don’t mean the usual stuff like “walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator”.)

The truth about your body (and mind) is sometimes easier to deal with than you might actually think.

I share with you tips from people who have been to the edge of despair – and beaten it.

Real tips like:

checkmark Natural weight control steps – 7½ tips that work… when you barely have energy enough for a coffee and donut

checkmark The powerful, secret way to “trick” yourself into exercising without realizing how much you’ve actually done

checkmark3 reasons you may sleep too much – and 5 conventional (and unconventional) methods of getting to sleep, when you can’t

checkmark 6 all natural substitutes for caffeine – and the trick to helping them feel more like a good cup of “coffee”

checkmark7 herbs that can help you – and how to know when they won’t!

I’ve created my detailed but easy-to-get-through eBook, telling you just the right number of core facts about depression you really need to know – and more about actual natural remedies, of every type and description.

My eBook Is Chock-Full Of Tips You Can Easily
Choose To Use…Or Ignore

(Depending, of course, on your specific situation.)

After you’ve read it (or even just skimmed through) you’ll know so much more about your depression than ever before. Things that will help relieve your mind, if you’ve been grappling with that all-too-common (but totally misplaced) guilt that depressed people so painfully often live with and feel.

So download “All Natural Depression Fighting Remedies” right now – and decide if it’s for you.

My eBook, “All Natural Depression Fighting Remedies”, comes with an easy, no-hassle 30-day, money-back guarantee. So you can easily ask for a refund, if you don’t find it works for you – and you’ll get your investment returned cheerfully, without the slightest problem at all.

So download it right now, and spend 30 days going through it, as slowly as you need to. If you don’t find it helpful, you’ll get my refund promptly, without the slightest bother at all.

ebook-medYou Are Automatically Backed By My No Questions Asked, 30-Day
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I guarantee that if you read through my eBook, you’ll find natural remedy information, real-life tips and examples – and strategies to help you heal faster than most people take to heal (even if you choose to stay on prescription anti-depressants.)

So click on the button and find yourself reading this hope-giving, practical, powerful information in the next few minutes.

(You’ve got nothing to lose but anguish and pain you don’t need or deserve – for one second longer than you have to bear it!)

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Yes! I Want To Learn How To Help Heal Myself From Depression With Natural Proven Remedies And Tips Now

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  • The simple action I can instantly choose to take, if I find yourself constantly afraid that people “hate” me
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  • 7 herbs that can help me – and how to know when they won’t!
  • The truth about sleeping pills – and the one ingredient I must do my best to avoid
  • A 12-step plan for cutting depression and weight gain – practical but proven tips I can employ with barely any effort
  • Information about the “super” vitamin I may find it beneficial – and harmless – to take (even when my levels test as “normal”)

But most of all it will help you realize you’re not alone – I really do want to help you – today.
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Remember – I want you to look back and say that my eBook, “All Natural Depression Fighting Remedies”, is the best investment in your own healing you ever made.

And if you don’t agree, I expect you to ask for a refund without feeling one jot of stress at all – okay?

All you’ve got to lose is the time it takes to skim through my eBook.

And if it is – you’ve got some exciting resources and ideas to help you get back your life.

Here’s to regaining your joy – and (I really hope) healing faster than you thought possible, when you woke up this morning.

Nancy Reishus

P.S. There are 2 worksheets to help keep you safe while you deal with the dangers of “all-or-nothing” thinking. (Some people have said these worksheets are worth the price of the book alone.)

And as for the dangerous habit of catastrophizing – I share a really simple way to break this stress-causing, lifelong habit.

P.P.S. Remember…if my eBook is not what you need, or wanted right now, I’m happy to refund your money any time in the next 30 days – so order your copy – and decide for yourself, right now.